cats, dogs and clocks

So what is it about cats, dogs and clocks? More specifically why is it they insist that everyone should be up and about by 5:00 am? In my household live 6 cats and two dogs. The latest, Minnie (after Minnie the moocher) starts barking round a bout 5:15, “let me out, it’s time for walk-a-bout” she is saying. If one of us actually gets up and takes her out, the other one, Charlee the chunk, a hefty cocker spaniel with snow shoe sized paws comes and plants his size 10s on the edge of the bed and licks your face. Get shut of him and you are again wakened by a parade of cats all purred up, gently walking round your noggin, insisting that you get up and feed them, scrape the cat box and let them out for a gamble. So you see in my household every day starts about 5:30 when everyone, cats, dogs, guinea pigs, fish turtles and people get out of bed and greet the day. All of them are eclectic lovable and irreplaceable even if they don’t realize that on Saturday and Sunday I should be sleeping in ( at sixes and sevenes) instead of commuting to my place of work.


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