Want fries with that?

Have you noticed lately how instant our culture and society is becoming? Everything is instant. Almost all of our food is fast food, freeze dried and re-hydrat-able, frozen and microwavable, delivered to your door in thirty minutes or it’s free. Our entertainment is instant, no one reads anymore, they go to movies instead but only if they are short and to the point. More than one of my friends has lamented the length of “Lord of the Rings” … three movies and three hours each! They’re just so long. Everything in our society is fast paced, we are always late, always rushing somewhere with no time to eat, no time to rest, it’s all go go go. We schedule 50 hours worth of activities for every day then lament the fact that we don’t have time to do them all. We certainly have no time to eat, so it’s fast food picked up on the way somewhere, gobbled down while we drive.

Speaking of fast food, have you ever wondered about the food that might be in it? Watching a movie a while back called “Supersize Me” was a shocking experience. The star of the movie ate nothing but fast food for an entire month, at the end of which he had gained 30 pounds, was on the verge of kidney and liver failure and had completely lost the athletic physical shape he had been in when he started the experiment. The movie reinforced my opinion of fast foods of all kinds, that there is very little food in them, mostly they are chemicals, fats and other stuff that is equally non-nutritious. When a burger maker claims “100% beef” for their burgers, that doesn’t mean the patty you’re buying is 100% beef, it means the beef that is in the patty is 100% beef. However there is likely only about 1% beef in the patty, the rest being fillers, sawdust and chemicals. Don’t believe me? Before your next Happy meal, trot into Chapters (or Indigo) and pick up two books, “Fast Food Nation” a documentary on fast foods in America and “Toxin” an entertaining little story by Robin Cook. If these don’t cure you of your need for a fast food fix, well then enjoy!


One comment on “Want fries with that?

  1. You don’t need miss them–just check out “Fast Food Fix”. I’m the author of the Biggest Loser Cookbook, host of Healthy Decadence with Devin Alexander (Thursday nights at 10:30pm on the Discovery Health Channel) and a reformed fast food junkie. After struggling with obesity as a teen, I’ve created a career from making over popular dishes that people love with the same great taste less the fat and calories. Go to http://www.discoveryhealth.com for more on the show or my website: http://www.devinalexander.com to purchase Fast Food Fix or The Biggest Loser Cookbook.

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