commentary to my last post

My last post was an expression of the horror and shock I felt at the events that unfolded at Virginia Polytechnic yesterday. I have little doubt that these events will spark more talk about gun control both in the US and here in Canada so I’ll add my two cents worth. In the US one of the most overused arguments against gun control are the lines in the constitution that state every citizen has the right to bear arms. When those lines were written, the US was a much different place, still a forming country. The statesmen who wrote them were I am sure considering times of war and invasion, not while attending college and University.

Another much over used argument is that of home defense. A few years back I received a catalogue from a US based home defense outfit that was addressed to a previous occupant of my current residence. You would not believe what it was possible to order from this catalogue, everything from a small hand gun to a large automatic, from a fully non-metallic glock ( a hand gun that will easily pass through metal detector gates) to a fully automatic assault rifle to a belt fed 50 caliber machine gun! What do these home defense companies anticipate? That a navy seal team will be invading your house? It’s ridiculous to think that such items could possibly be legitimately owned by normal citizenry.

How is it possible that we can allow such businesses not only to exist but to thrive? Is there any reason (reasonable or otherwise) that I might give the authorities so they would let me go hunting with an AK-47? Shooting gophers with a 44 Magnum autoloader? No! Banning all hand guns from citizenry most likely wouldn’t get rid of all gun crimes since criminals can always get a gun, however it might make it a lot more difficult for a despairing student to carry to loaded handguns (and extra ammunition) in a college and kill more than thirty students. As for assault rifles, belt fed machine guns and 75 caliber sniper rifles, no member of the citizenry should ever be able to own guns such as these, they belong in the hands of the military and other authorities (that’s a rant for another day).

Now some, like sport shooters would balk at the thought of banning hand guns. I would say, too damn bad. Contrary to what the NRA might say, “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people”, I would say that it is people carry guns that kill people. No citizen ought to be able to carry a gun anywhere. Sport shooters can have their guns “checked” and locked up at the gun club, useable only at the gun club, never leaving the premises. Those few who still go hunting should have to register and check in their guns with the local police (or RCMP?) only retrieving them on presentation of a valid hunting license. No exceptions. Criminals will always have guns, eventually they will meet their fate, citizens should not have guns. My two cents.


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