Mourn for the fallen and their families

As I sit here and write this my heart is heavy with sadness, my mind reeling with horror and shock for the families, friends and victims of the tragic events that unfolded yesterday at Virginia Polytechnic. Today there are thirty families just beginning to realize that their sons and daughters who were away at University will never be coming home.  I can not imagine the paralyzing  unspeakable horror they must be suffering. My son is 20, attending college in our city and will be going to University in the fall, I am in a semi-public staff position at a local University. Both of us could be caught, trapped in similar events were it to happen here. The thought of my son being in such a situation, not coming home is just unimaginable. This is such a brutal, senseless crime that it will strike fear and uncertainty into the hearts of every University and college student and every parent of a student wherever they are. We can not begin to imagine what despair or insanity might drive one of our fellow students to consider, plan and then carry out such  a murderous rampage. Time may well dull the sharp edge of pain and horror of this event but it will never go away, never be forgotten by these thirty families, by the many more friends, colleagues and people whose lives were impacted by it. My heartfelt sympathy goes to everyone affected by this crime in the hope (vain though it may be) that no one else need suffer such a thing again.


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