Catching up …

Ok so it has been a while since I last posted to this blog but I’ve been busy, a little lazy and I am not really a prolific blogger at the best of times. My last post was to celebrate the election of President Obama and mourn the passing of Vera Duckworth.  Now it’s time to catch up and mourn the absence of summer  weather.

First  the catch up bits. A few posts ago you would have read how our plans to semi-retire to France fell through when Zoom airlines went bust. Well soon after that the economy world wide went south, many many people have lost there jobs and I  was also unemployed and finding it difficult to get work in my field. So I became house hubby while my wife, Jacky continued with her online research clients and held down a part time job at the local College library, where she still works. For the past several months I have been doing the daily running around, grocery shopping, laundry, house cleaning and all the other things that keep the at home half of the partnership busy each day. Now thankfully I have also found work, teaching at a local business college. I run  several IT related courses such as the Comptia A+ and web design. The position of homekeeper has been passed on to my son Matthew who is on break from Western University. He is now cleaning the house (our new house, more on that in a mo), cooking the meals and tending the pups during the day. As I mentioned we have also  moved house and are now living in a much bigger, newer house and are cleaning up the old one for sale. Our new place is in a very nice very quiet neighborhood nothing like the old one populated by strange folks, police sirens, busy streets and people no ordinary citizen would associate with. So all in all, things are picking up for us and we are recovering from the France/Zoom airlines thing. Oh yes, we did finally get our money back which went a long way to getting the new place and rebuilding our finances.

Now the rant about summer weather. It’s  June 8th and as I look out the window, it’s raining and something like 50 degrees Fahrenheit , maybe 10 C. What the ‘ell is up with that? Seems when I was a kid about  a hundred years ago we where all running round in shorts with no shirts and no shoes by this time. This has been, so far, a cold rainy spring with few nice days and even less warm ones. I am most definitely a summer person, warm sunshine and bright clear days are my favs. The weather this year? Depressing in a word. Perhaps by the time June 21 rolls around in another week and half it will warm up and actually look like (and feel like)  summer instead of October. Most likely it will just have one of those amazing switches, changing from 10C to 30C and 110% humidity over night, staying that way until late fall. It did that the year I first came to London, turned 30C on May the first and was still 30 November 1, if it hadn’t been for the extreme humidity it would have been a lovely if hot summer. In any case here’s to hoping that the sun will shine tomorrow and we’ll all be NSNS (No Shoes No shirts) by the weekend.


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