Rock Glen Falls 2009

The family and grand kids went to Rock Glen Falls on the weekend, a little conservation and natural wilderness area near Arkona, Ontario. A good time was had by all splashing ion the falls and the stream, walking through natural clay beds and over lush grasses. Nary a shoe or sandals was in sight. All of the kids were barefoot the whole time and had a blast wading and swimming in the styream, walking the paths. As usual I shed my shoes at the front door and never put them back on, walking on all kinds of interesting surfaces grass, stones, stream beds, grass. It was amazing and wonderfull. I am pretty much a full time barefooter but this was a rare treat for my feet. The only downside to the day was a couple of scratches suffered by Sarah when she tripped up. I have to say though that walking on the pebbled parking lot (1 inchish pebbles on hard packed gravel) was a little tough. Yo can see some of the pics at my facebook site … Facebook album


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