Blue-ray but no Blues

As the title suggests this entry is about Blue-ray DVDs and my humble experiences with them. In the past I have looked at blue-ray displays in the stores, the ones where they have two views of the same film side by side and to be quite honest couldn’t see the difference. Most times I put any differences down to the set up of the televisions not the blue-ray. I honestly couldn’t see enough difference to warrant the additional costs of replacing my current DVD player and my DVD collections.

Then my son purchased a Sony PS3. This was the newest, hottest, most amazing, “you gotta see this Dad!” games system he could lay hands on. In the first week we watched a few of our current DVDs on the system and they did seem to be clearer, sharper and better looking on our LCD TV. Then he got hold of The Matrix and Pearl Harbor movies, both on Blue-ray. WOWSA! The picture quality was astounding and the uncompressed sound track was stunning. It was amazing how good these two slightly older movies were. The colors, details, sharpness of the picture was as good as real life (and some times not too flattering to the poor actors!). The sound was just amazing, there is no other word for it, everything came alive, explosions knocked you out of your seat.

It gets better however, this past weekend we found “A Bridge Too Far” and “Rambo” in the bargain bin at Walmart, $14 each for the Blue-ray versions. Ancient movies by anyone’s standards you would say. But no! These movies came to life with stunning graphics, incredible picture and sound that was astounding in the least. When Rambo blows up the middle of Smallville, USA I half expected neighbors to come running while phoning the fire department! When the panzers roll into Arnheim, you are ready to run the opposite direction. It is obvious to me now that Blue-ray is absolutely better than my old DVDs and can only get better as the technology matures. I will be spending my money this Christmas rebuilding my DVD collections in Blue-ray! I can just imagine how sweet the ,merlins powering the Spitfires in Battle of Britain will sound, as close to the real thing as one can get I would think.


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