Are a VIP’er

We went to see Avatar the other night (and last night as a matter of fact!) and we saw it at a new type of theatre, a VIP theatre. This seems to be a new age idea to recapture some of the theatre goers who have become disenchanted with paying $12 and more a head to see a movie. In the VIP scheme of things, the seats are not the usual jammed in extremely uncomfortable row seats but are instead lazyboy type theatre seats. Every seat has room to lean back, the front seats have the ability to lean completely back. Seats are arranged in pairs with smallish coffee tables between pairs. Gone are the days when the fat sweaty bloke is crammed into the seat next to you.

Quite apart from the seating though is the VIP experience. This includes seat side service in which a waitress takes your order (for real food or the usual theatre snacks), allows you to pay for it then and there and then delivers it back to you. No fuss, no muss. The theatre is smaller, the screen better, the sound better and best of all the seats are reserved. No more standing in long lines, jostling for position and running to get the best seats. Seats can be ordered and paid for online, tickets printed at home so that you can just arrive at the theatre, walk in and sit down and enjoy.

The whole experience is very civilized, very refined. It makes for the best theatre experience you can get, very much worth the small premium over a normal theatre. In the end it costs about the same as a night out for a dinner and movie the normal way and rewards you with a very enjoyable, very civilized evening out. I’ll never go back to the old ways of being pack in a long row of seats, sitting with cramped legs and a crook in my back next to the fat sweaty bloke. I am a VIP’er from now on.


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