Why do I go barefoot, part Deux

Well this is part deux (that’s part 2) of why do I go barefoot. It’s healthy for you. Yes there are risks, there are always risks but as a barefooter I tend to watch more caefully where I walk. Some of the health benefits include better circulation, stronger muscles in your feet, no bunions or corns, no athltes foot or deformed toes, no back pains and many others. There are more and more studies that show walking barefoot is healthy and good for you.

One of the more modern ideas is that of “Earthing”, being in touch with and in tune with the natural energy of the earth around us. Earthing reconnects us with the environment in which we live, promotes positive energy, relieves stress and brings us back to a stable harmony we have lost in the modern fast paced world of business, sports for the kids and go go go 18 hour days.

Health benefits and Earthing and the pure joy and freedom of being bare aside, here is a proposal for you. Go out (in July of course!), find a pair of close fitting cotton gloves and put them on each morning for a month. After doning your cotton gloves, put on a pair of stiff hard leather gloves over top and keep them on all day. At the end of the day, what will your hands be like? At the end of the month? When you are in your garden can you feel the soft texture of your roses with your gloves on?

Being barefoot is about being free, being in touch with your environment, being in harmony with everything around you. It’s about fun, feeling healthy and making choices. It’s probably not for everybody but it is for me, a simple choice and cheaper! Think how much you will save by not buying those LaBoutine red soled stilettos!

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