Dare to be bare …

Nudity is taboo, it is bred into us, a fabric of society, the cardinal rule that is reinforced nearly every day of our lives. When people see someone without clothes they immediately think perv, sex, deviant and so many other things. It’s against the law, contrary to religion, unacceptable just about everywhere except in place that ply the sex trade or the privacy behind closed doors.

You can’t sun bath in your back yard, swim in your pool or be anywhere that someone might see and be offended, much worse embarrass you. My question is, what is embarrassing? Offensive? We all have two arms, two legs, eyes, ears and other parts. We are all shapes and sizes, not just those found “attractive and acceptable” by the latest fashion trends. We all age, some have scars, blemishes, freckles, long hair, short hair, signs that we have aged a little, adventured a little, lived a life full of fun and discoveries.

There is nothing particularly sexual about being naked, that comes with who you are with, the situation you find yourself in.  While sun bathing at a nude beach in Panama one time, my  wife and I were in the company of perhaps 20 other couples, some thin, some young, some old. Nobody was ogling any other, sizing others up or making any judgement on looks, age, size, marks, religion or any of the many many other idioms we use to judge people. We were just there to enjoy the sunshine, the open air, the sea and the freedom from clothes. Why should this be limited to a nude beach 2500 miles from home?  What is it about being naked that so frightens and offends people that they must eliminate it from public view, hide it away with laws and social taboos?

Obviously the society we live in has many dangers, many undesirable elements you would not expose your children to. Neither I nor anyone else would suggest that this should change, that we all run around nude letting all our inhibitions run amok. I would however suggest that being nude in your backyard while sunbathing or swimming should be your choice not that of your neighbor or the local constabulary. It’s quite natural, healthy and uniquely liberating to be nude in the sunshine, in the summer rain. Being nude eliminates all class, money, religion, race, educational indicators and shows us for what we are, what we all are, people. Just people.  All of us are equal, interesting, beautiful, different and the same. There is nothing, no shape, no scar, nothing that should embarrass or offend anyone in being nude. Dare to be bare, you will be so much better for it.


2 comments on “Dare to be bare …

  1. Awesome Gary! I didn’t know you were a nudist. Like many others, I’m more of a “closet” nudist but I do enjoy the freedom beyond close doors whenever I find the chance. Do you practice social nudism at all? Are there any favourite places for you to go nude around your area?

    • Not lately, just in my back yard. I used to frequent a place up north of Ottawa and one acroos the river in Quebec but I haven’t been back that way in 25 years. My wife and I did enjoy the nude beach at Conta Dora, Panama however.

      Gary. (40 years, no tan lines, no sun bum … LOL)

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