just a quickie …

Many who view my blog (especially the younger ones) may not recognize the flag on my header or understand why it is there. Contrary to the opinion of some it is not the flag of Ontario, my home province. It is in fact the Red Ensign and the original Canadian Flag. While the current Canadian Flag is recognized by all and has been around since 1967 when a political decision was made to change it, I still prefer the Red Ensign. It is the flag I was born under, that my Father and my Uncles went to War under, the flag that Canada was born under. Unlike the current Canadian Flag the Ensign marks our British and Commonwealth heritage and the fact that Quebec and the French were and are part of this great country. In 1967 when Canada became it’s own country as part of the Commonwealth, many of the rules changed, we still recognized the Queen as our Monarch but we are much more separate from the UK than say Ireland, Scotland or even Australia. I can trace my heritage back to the early 1800’s, to Hexam and Hayden Bridge, I am happily married (20 years) to a beautiful British woman but can I emigrate to England, work, live and laugh in England? or Ireland? or Scotland? The answer is no, not without a lengthy and costly immigration application process. So I am a Canadian, whose heart is English, the Maple Leaf is the flag of my Country but the Red Ensign will always be my flag.


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