It's Gar!

Good day to you dear reader! This is the home of Gary Ridley. By trade I am an IT and web technical trainer, web and internet specialist and networking professional. When not working in IT I am usually playing World of Warcraft (just like Vin Diesel!). To tell you a bit about myself I would say to you that I am a vegetarian barefooter who eschews organized religion in favor of Oriental Philosophy (Zen/Taoist). I am a member of the society for barefoot living, member of PETA and one of those annoying “green” people. My interests include music (rock, classical, opera … all sorts), art, theatre, The Avro Arrow, medieval history and feudal Japanese history. This site contains musings, rants, raves and random thoughts from all over. Enjoy.



One comment on “About

  1. Hi Gary, I am Peter, an avid barefooter living in Germany. It’s great to see how many people all around the world join the barefoot lifestyle. I am usualy barefoot for c. 20 years now, and my feet are tough and healthy. It’s possible to live without shoes all year round.

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