Employment History

Employment History

  • Technical Support/HelpDesk  –  Camosun College ITS                                         09/2015 – Present

    Providing hardware and software support to faculty and staff in a mainly Windows Server based campus wide network environment.

    In this role I was providing support for Faculty and staff using the campus networks and resources. This work includes new account setup, printer and hardware configurations, Active Directory and Exchange server accounts and software installations. Assistance is provided both by telephone and by remote assistance or remote desktop connections.

    Technical Environment: Windows, Active Directory, Exchange server, Network, Mac, Linux

  • Technical Support/Programmer  –  Comtech Systems                                                       03/2013 – 02/2014

    Providing tier 1-2-3 technical support to Comtech clients using the Collect! Software including creation of custom reports, data imports and database conversions.

    In this role I was providing support for customers using the Collect software as well as continuing development on a Python/Django based web application extension to the software. Customer support included creation of customized reportwriter reports to extract information from the database, custom data imports and conversion of existing data to the Collect! System. The Python/Django development was a web application destined for the next generation of the Collect software system.

    Technical Environment: Windows, MS-SQL, WAMP, Raima, Visual Studio

  • Web Programmer, Oxford Learning Centres                                                                                2012

    Maintain, update and re-engineer an existing web application that had been created with Python and the Django frameworks. Investigate possible alternative frameworks that could provide the desired solution.

    Oxford learning Centres MIS (Management Information System) had become cumbersome due to the mixture of technologies, frameworks and additions made to it over it’s development. The goal in this project was to update the existing app while investigating modern frameworks that might be used to re-engineer the app such that it was easier to maintain, expand and update. The investigation included PHP frameworks such as Zend and Code Igniter as well as the Java Swing frameworks.

    Technical Environment: Hosted Mac OS X servers, MAC OS X development machines and network

  • Web Developer, Argyle Business Improvement Association                                  2011-2012

    Design, Create and brand a new website to be the main web presence and point of contact for the Argyle Business Improvement Association and the Community.

    Argyle BIA maintained a facebook page but lacked a true website. This project was implemented to provide them with such a site and involved several sub-projects. These included finding a host, designing the site, branding the BIA and connecting the new site to their Facebook presence. Hosting was contracted to a third party and included all support required for the new site. The new site was created using HTML5, CSS3, PHP/MySql as well as jquery to provide an engaging and modern looking user experience that complimented their Facebook pages.

    Technical Environment: Hosted LAMP Servers, Windows development machines

  • Web Specialist, University of Waterloo, Math Faculty                              2000-2009

    Support, update and improve the Math Faculty web site infrastructure. Provide training for customized in-house content management system. Develop and deploy web based application projects as required.

    Project 1

    The first project in this position was to review, revise and improve an in-house content/navigation management system built with javascript, filemaker,perl and html/css. This work involved making improvements to the javascript for cross browser compatibility and modifying perl scripts to simplify the creation of navigational pages. Differences in Internet Explorer and Firefox at the time made this process cumbersome and complicated, a simpler solution was sought. (project 2)

    Technical Environment: Sun Solaris Server, AMP web services, OS X Development machine

    Project 2

    As a more elegant solution to the in-house system of  project 1, the use of server side includes was expanded and used in conjunction with Apache conditionals to create a templated content management system. This system allowed departments to field their own menubars and side-panel navigation while allowing the faculty to brand every page via CSS. Every page could be customized by the department but maintained the “Math Look and Feel” Additionally new layouts and typographic styles could be tested and/or implemented faculty wide without input from individual departments.

    Technical Environment: Sun Solaris Server, AMP web services, OS X Development machine

    Project 3

    Project 3 was implemented with a desire to make Math Faculty pages more friendly to the growing  portable  browser segment of Math Faculty website users. Making Math pages mobile friendly involved crafting new CSS files limiting graphics and modifying layouts. Clients browsers were interrogated via PHP scripts prior to page loading to determine whether a mobile or desktop browser was in use. In response to the interrogation a special set of templates was loaded to match the browser capabilities.

    Technical Environment: Sun Solaris Server, AMP web services, OS X Development machine

    Project 4

    Construction of a web based course calendar system was undertaken and utilized the Apple WebObjects Frameworks. This system was to provide students with course/Class/Instructor information and also allow Instructors to update the information as necessary. It was to be built with the WebObjects Frameworks and  run on an Apache web server, preferably on the Sun Solaris platform which hosted the main Math website. Complications necessitated running the Frameworks on an Apple Server running Apache however. To facilitate the connection to the main Math website, PERL scripts were crafted as intermediary data transfer agents. The majority of the code used in the Webobjects application was Java with ties to the CoCoa interface frameworks.

    Technical EnvironmentMac OS X Server, AMP web services, OS X Development machine

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