McNuggets Anyone?

This picture showed up in my Facebook wall recently, can you guess what it is? What it will become? I’ll tell you now that it is not ice cream, sherbert or gelato. It is in fact something called “mechanically separated chicken” and it will become MacDonald’s (or others) chicken nuggets, chicken patties, chicken fingers and the like. Along the way it will be washed with ammonia, dyed with a more appealing color, flavored with a more appealing flavor resembling chicken and shaped into appropriate shapes. If that doesn’t put you off your nuggets then maybe this will. The meat stuff you see above is made not from nice prime cuts of chicken but everything, feet, eyes, guts, head, body, wings, the whole damn bird. It’s tossed into a separator, out the other end comes the above. To make matters worse (in the processed food industry), it seems that most manufacturers of processed meat where the meat doesn’t have to accurately resemble the real thing use these processes for the meat in question such as hot dogs, hamburger patties, sausages, breaded thingies of all shapes and sizes. I have been a vegetarian for 20 years and after coming across items like this I know I will never return to eating what is passed for meat in a modern grocery store or fast food restaurant.


A new website …

Good day to all, been a while since I was last here, not really a regular blogger. I have just been creating a great new website for the Argyle Business Improvement Association. This is a non-profit organization that aims to improve community spirit, promote prosperity in business and beautify the Argyle Area here in London. Now creating a new website is not always a big deal, however I have not created a site from scratch for a while now and I was a bit amazed at how much the technology has changed. At the University of Waterloo, when I was managing the Math Faculty web site technologies like Facebook and twitter were only starting to emerge, we were just starting to see JavaScript libraries on sites and technologies like HTML 5 and CSS 3 were mostly rumour. Today all those are commonplace, sites are dynamic, linked in and if you are not connected to Facebook, well then you’re just not connected! So our new website is connected, uses Google maps to tell people where we are, shows the local weather and is a great start to what we hope will be a great website that everyone (in London at least!) will want to visit. I invite everyone to take a look and pass on your comments.